Precision Screwdriver Set 45 in 1


The ULTIMATE set to have for hardware installation!!  It's also just plain useful to have around the house.  Repairs eyeglasses and works on electronics.

The set is MAGNITIZED, which keeps you from losing those tiny screws.  TIP:  get in the habit of placing your screw on the end of the chosen tip BEFORE you lift off of the table.  You won't drop and lose it that way.  Us bagmakers know how hard it is to find replacement screws for hardware.

The 45-in-1 tool kit is a multifunction interchangeable precise tool set that includes a tweezer, handle, extension bar and 42 screwdriver bits.  Bits include straight blade, phillips, square, hex, star, and several sockets.  The set is perfect for sewing machine maintenance, and the tweezer is so handy for cleaning lint out of the feed dog area (you'd be surprised how much trouble that lint causes!).