PLEASE NOTE that the price is for one-half (1/2) yard:
If you want a full yard, order 2 ... etc.

This is Portugalia brand cork, which is amongst the best quality you can buy.  I purchase my stock directly from the distributor in Portugal.  This is the cork I use in my bags and wallets with great results.

PLEASE NOTE:  The price is per half (1/2) yard.  The cork is about 55" wide.  When you purchase 1/2 yard you will receive a piece that is 55" wide and 18" long.

This cork is suitable for bags and wallets, as well as home dec and upholstery. It can be sewn on higher-end modern domestic sewing machines, as well as some vintage machines with motors rated at 1 amp or higher..  Use a larger general purpose needle and lengthen your stitches a bit.  Leather needles are made to slice a hide and are not suitable for cork fabric.