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Our YKK #5 zipper chain is high quality zipper to which you can trust your best sewing.  This #5 zipper is a smidge over 1.25" in total width, 5/8" chain, meaning the zipper teeth measure 5mm wide and the fabric on each side of the chain is 5/8" wide.  We have a few colors available in 3/4" tape, meaning the zipper teeth are still 5mm wide, and the tape on each side of the teeth is 3/4" wide, making the entire tape just under 1-3/4" wide. (you may just sew the same distance from the teeth as you normally would and ignore the width of the tape.)  Zipper pulls made for #5 chain are the only size that will fit with these chains.  They are available here in the store.

Color numbers given are the numbers assigned by YKK at the time of manufacture, and are subject to change.  The descriptive colors given are ours, and we try to give you our best idea of what the color could be called.  Please remember that colors on your display may not match the actual product exactly, that's why we attempt to describe the color for you.  The photos provided are of the actual zipper chain we have in the store, not YKK stock photos.



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