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DECOVIL I LIGHT 17" WIDE (full yard)


VILENE DECOVIL I LIGHT* -- this is thinner version of the Decovil I we all love!  Semi-stiff, yet very flexible, to add structure to bags and wallets.  It is a dream in wallets in the place of Peltex!!  It is also PERFECT to use as a backing material for locks and magnets.  It has a leather-like feel and is thin enough to sew on domestic sewing machines.

Decovil I is made from 45% PES, 30% CV, and 25% PA**

*17" wide, sold by the full yard.  If you order 1 unit, you will receive a piece of Decovil I that measures 17" x 36"  If

** PES is polyester, CV is viscose, and PA is Polyamid/Nylon (I looked it up for you!! lol)